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For Existing Girls Inc. Online Members

For Existing Girls Inc. Online Members: Welcome to the NEW Girls Inc. Online

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If you're reading this page it's because we've launched a brand new and improved version of Girls Inc. Online. We here at Girls Inc. deeply value the contribution you’ve made to our organization and this website by participating in online activities and helping grow a wonderful community of girls.

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Girls Inc. Online Privacy Policy

Created October 21, 2010, updated: October 27, 2010

Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Welcome to! This is the “Terms of Use” page, which explains the relationship you have with Girls Inc. when you visit this site. It’s a long page that our lawyers helped us write (thanks, lawyers!), so if you have any questions about what’s on this page, we suggest you show this page to your parent/guardian or another adult you trust.

About Girls Inc. Online: Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

Q: What is Girls Inc. Online?

Girls Inc. Online is the Girls Inc.® website for girls, dedicated to empowering girls to envision their futures without limits. Girls Inc. Online members engage with unique online activities that guide them through the process of setting goals, tracking their progress, and reflecting on the process.

About Girls Inc. Online: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s Girls Inc. Online all about?

As a member of Girls Inc. Online, you will be part of a community of girls who love discovering everything they can achieve. This community is made up of girls who are excited to learn more about the world around them and all of the opportunities it holds for girls.

The best way to find out what Girls Inc. Online is all about is to explore and become a member (it’s free!). But, while you’re here, some highlights: