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Girls Inc. Online

Discover how exciting it is to be you... today and tomorrow.

About Girls Inc. Online: Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s Girls Inc. Online all about?

As a member of Girls Inc. Online, you will be part of a community of girls who love discovering everything they can achieve. This community is made up of girls who are excited to learn more about the world around them and all of the opportunities it holds for girls.

The best way to find out what Girls Inc. Online is all about is to explore and become a member (it’s free!). But, while you’re here, some highlights:

  • Create an avatar (translation: an online representation) of yourself.
  • Tell everyone what makes you strong, smart, and bold with a special Girls Inc. Online status updater.
  • Choose from hundreds of goals to set, track, and share with the Girls Inc. Online community and your network of family and friends.
  • Watch videos of other girls and women talk about how they have accomplished tremendous things.
  • Find out how stuff works through fun online activities. We make things like politics and economics fun and interesting. We promise.

Q: Why should I become a member?

All visitors to Girls Inc. Online can use every feature and activity. If you become a member, you can save, share, and access the history of your participation on Girls Inc. Online: your avatar, the goals you set and achieved, your strong, smart, and bold status updates, and more. We offer these benefits because we think this is an important way for girls to reflect on everything they have achieved.

Now, go explore the site and sign up! 

Q: How do I sign up?

To sign up, you just need an email address. We’ll ask you to fill out your first name only and date of birth*. You can join Girls Inc. Online here.

*Members under 13 will also have to give us a parent’s first name and email address. Please see our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Q: What do you mean by “community?” Can I chat or message other girls?

You can interact with other girls on the site by cheering them on as they work toward achieving their goals and asking them to cheer you on.

To keep you and all of our Girls Inc. Online members safe, we don’t offer chat or messaging among members.

Q: I keep reading “we.” Who’s in charge of Girls Inc. Online?

Girls Inc. Online is the Girls Inc. website for girls. Girls Inc. is a nonprofit organization that has been in the business of inspiring all girls to be strong, smart, and bold for a long time—146 years! Girls Inc. offers afterschool programs in nearly 100 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada. Girls Inc. programs give girls the knowledge, skills, and attitude to challenge the gender stereotypes that are often forced upon them by society. To put it simply: Girls Inc. knows that girls get a lot of negative messages telling them they can’t do things or should look and behave in certain ways just because they’re girls. Girls Inc. is there to remind girls that this is just...well, nonsense. Girls Incorporated knows girls can do anything and become anything they try.

Girls Inc. Online is one way that Girls Inc. shows girls how to discover and get excited about their potential.

Q: Girls Inc. programs sound great. Can I go to your afterschool programs?

To find a Girls Inc. near you, please visit the “Find a Girls Inc.” section of the Girls Inc. website.

Q: Will my information be kept private?

We invite you to view our Privacy Policy for details on how we handle personal information.

Q: My parent(s) or guardian(s) want to know more about Girls Inc. and Girls Inc. Online. What should I tell them about Girls Inc. Online?

We’re glad you asked. There’s a special version of this page for parents and guardians, so please feel free to share the link with them.