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Girls Inc. Online

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About Girls Inc. Online: Frequently Asked Questions for Parents

Q: What is Girls Inc. Online?

Girls Inc. Online is the Girls Inc.® website for girls, dedicated to empowering girls to envision their futures without limits. Girls Inc. Online members engage with unique online activities that guide them through the process of setting goals, tracking their progress, and reflecting on the process. Among a wealth of fun and inspiring online content developed by professionals are interviews with women and girls sharing their experiences of successes big and small, as well as education and career planning resources.

We encourage you to explore all of the content Girls Inc. Online has to offer and to share it with your daughter and other girls in your life. 

Q: Does my daughter have to become a member of Girls Inc. Online in order to view articles and participate in online activities?

All visitors to Girls Inc. Online can access every feature and activity, but members can save, share, and access the history of their participation on Girls Inc. Online. We offer these benefits because we think this is an important way for girls to reflect on their accomplishments, which fosters a sense of self-confidence that leads to a lifelong desire to learn and achieve.

Membership to Girls Inc. Online is free.

Q: How does my daughter sign up?

Girls Inc. Online requires only a first name, email address, and date of birth. A girl submits this information electronically and receives an email with an activation link that gives her a Girls Inc. Online username and guides her through setting up a password.

Any girl who enters a birth date that indicates she is under 13 years of age will be prompted to submit her parent’s or guardian’s first name and email address. That parent/guardian will receive an email requiring him or her to give consent by clicking on an activation link. If Girls Inc. does not receive parental permission within two weeks of the email request, the girl’s first name, email address, and date of birth will be permanently deleted from Girls Inc. Online records and she will not become a registered member of the website.

Q: Is Girls Inc. Online safe for my daughter?

Yes. Direct messaging or chatting among members is not available on Girls Inc. Online. We recognize that it is important for girls to feel a sense of belonging to a supportive community of other girls, so we do encourage members to send each other messages of inspiration and encouragement using our unique pre-screened word lists.

To lessen the risk of girls sharing personally identifiable information when participating in Girls Inc. Online activities, no free-form text can be posted without prior moderation and approval of trained Girls Inc. staff members.

Q: What will you do with my daughter’s information?

We invite you to view our Privacy Policy for details on how we handle personal information.

Q: What is Girls Inc.?

Girls Inc. is a nonprofit organization that inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold through a network of local organizations in the United States and Canada. With local roots dating to 1864 and national status in the U.S. since 1945, Girls Inc. responds to the changing needs of girls and their communities through research-based programs and advocacy that empower girls to reach their full potential and to understand, value, and assert their rights. In 2009, Girls Inc. reached over 900,000 girls through Girls Inc. affiliates, our website, and educational publications.

To learn more about Girls Inc., please visit our website and sign up for the monthly Girls Inc. e-newsletter.

To explore special resources for parents, please visit our For Parents page.

Q: Can I send my daughter to Girls Inc.  programs?

To find a Girls Inc. near you, please visit the “Find a Girls Inc.” section of the Girls Inc. website. 

Q: I’d like to tell my daughter about Girls Incorporated and Girls Inc. Online. What link should I send her?

We’re glad you asked. There is a version of this page for girls, so please feel free to share the link with her. Look in the top right corner of this page to share directly via email and Facebook.