Girls Inc. Corporate Camp for Entrepreneurs CampAbout Girls Inc. Corporate Camp(SM) for Entrepreneurs.Copyright Girls IncorporatedKarina"I never saw myself as an entrepreneur, but I've started to consider running my own business."Copyright Girls IncorporatedErika"I used to be extremely shy, but now I'm able to talk in front of people and present."Copyright Girls IncorporatedLorraine"It feels good that there are adults who believe in us and feel that we can succeed."Copyright Girls IncorporatedCrystal"It's inspiring to me because it shows you that you can try as hard as you want. You fall down and just get up."Copyright Girls IncorporatedChristina"Corporate Camp has really made me feel like owning a business is a possibility."Copyright Girls IncorporatedArva Rice"It is so important for girls to have access to programs like Girls Inc. Economic Literacy."Copyright Girls Incorporated