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Myth or Fact? Women and Entrepreneurship

Women are starting businesses large and small everyday—just ask entrepreneur Beth Schoenfeldt! Would you like to start your own business? All you need is a little encouragement and a great idea, but first get the facts!
Women and men are starting businesses at the same rate.
You have to have an undergraduate or graduate degree in business administration to start your own business.
Technology is allowing small business owners to compete with big business owners.
One of the challenges female entrepreneurs face is knowing where to look for investment money to start up their businesses.
One gender stereotype is that girls and women don’t like technology, so they are not very tech-savvy when it comes to starting their own businesses.
Many women entrepreneurs say that overcoming self-doubt is a big achievement on the road to starting a business.
There aren’t a lot of resources out there for women who want to become entrepreneurs.
You have to be rich to start your own business.
Girls should wait until they're adults to start businesses.