Welcome to Girls Inc. Online!

Welcome to Girls Inc. Online, a special new membership program where you’ll get fun activities, quizzes, and features just for girls! It’s totally free!

  • Talk to other girls who are part of the Girls Inc. Online community. Post on the boards, send private messages, and write entertainment reviews!
  • Check out For Real Comix. These girls are facing real relationship issues-- just like you. Follow their adventures and tell us how you think each episode should end.
  • Create an avatar that reveals all the special things about you. Make or choose skin color, facial expressions, accessories and more!
  • Design a room with your own budget, take a walk through an economic neighborhood, and get the scoop on the education and career paths that can help you reach your dreams!

*Girls Inc. Online is a pilot program for girls ages 9-17. That means we are testing it out to see if we should make it a permanent part of Girls Inc. Be one of the first to try it and tell us what you think.



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