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Elections will come in many shapes and sizes throughout your life. You’ll find yourself on one or both sides of an election, as a voter or candidate campaigning for an office.

You may already have had a taste of the exciting world of democracy by voting or running for positions in your school’s student council or afterschool clubs. Meanwhile, United States citizens 18 and older are gearing up to cast their votes in the 2008 race for President.

Girls Inc. thinks it’s important that you vote at every opportunity you’ll ever have. In a democracy like ours in the U.S., citizens have responsibilities to vote, help shape and follow the laws, and play their part in helping their country serve its citizens as best as it possibly can. Girls Inc. also encourages you to imagine yourself as a candidate in the present and future: consider what it might be like to run for and hold a political office one day!

You may not be old enough to cast your ballot in a national election, but it’s never too early to understand and practice what it’s like to voice your choice and play a role in our government.

That’s why through November of 2008, Girls Inc. Online will be bringing you exciting election coverage, complete with new stories, interviews, surveys, games, and polls. When you see the title Girls Inc. She Votes you’ll know you’re about to be transported to the exciting world of politics – a world where girls like YOU may one day rule.

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