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Multimedia Artist or Animator

As the use of computers has evolved to bring together text, graphic art, sound, animation, and video to educate, inform, and entertain users, specialized occupations have emerged. Multimedia artists design artwork to express specific ideas, thoughts, or concepts in response to assignments or requests from employers or clients. They may also be called graphic designers, interface designers, illustrators, video producers, or animators.

Here are some examples of a project that a multimedia artist might work on:

  • Develop a distinctive logo for a product or business
  • Draw a storyboard for a television commercial
  • Design the look and feel of a newspaper website

Education required: Bachelor's degree. Education and training requirements for this occupation vary depending upon the specialty. The talent to communicate ideas effectively through artistic means is one of the basic requirements for success. Evidence of appropriate talent and skill may be demonstrated in an artist's portfolio. The portfolio is probably the most important factor used by employers in deciding whether to hire or contract out work to an artist. Formal training programs may range from two to four years of art education. Formal educational programs in art may provide training in computer techniques. Computers are used widely in the visual arts, and knowledge and training in them are critical for many jobs in these fields.