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Meet Marcy: Executive Who Supports Girls in Science

Marcy Reed is President, Massachusetts at National Grid, a utility that provides electricity and gas to homes and businesses. She also has a passion for encouraging girls in science and technology. 

Meet Peter: Author, Musician, and Philanthropist

Peter Buffett is a musician, the author of Life is What You Make It: Find Your Own Path to Fulfillment, and a philanthropist who supports empowering girls and women around the world.  We asked him what inspired his book about defining success and why educating girls is so important to him.

Meet Jessica: The Business of Starting Businesses

The Business of Starting Businesses

Jessica Herrin, CEO of Stella & Dot, launched a company that helps other women start their own home-based businesses.

Meet Michelle: A Fashion Executive

Michelle took a big career risk to help her best friend launch a successful fashion line. 

Meet Duffy

Behind the Lens

Launch Duffy's photo gallery.

Duffy-Marie Arnoult is a photographer with an incredible portfolio. From remote villages in Africa to movie premieres, Duffy shoots it all. Ever wonder what it's like to be behind the lens at a huge red-carpet event? Duffy dishes all about being part of the media.

Meet Jennifer, a Business Consultant

Meet Jennifer, a Business Consultant

Meet Jennifer, a business consultant with expertise in technology. Jennifer spoke to Girls Inc. about her path to her exciting career, her love of teamwork, travel, yoga…and that one time she almost went by the name “Jimmy.”

Meet Laura

It’s Always Better to Give Than to Receive

Lots of big companies have a foundation. A foundation donates corporate funds to non-profit and charitable organizations.

As President of the AT&T Foundation, Laura gives money away for a living.

In fact, Girls Inc. Online was created thanks to funding from the AT&T Foundation! Learn more about Laura’s unique career below.

Cooking Caitlin Style

View more images of Caitlin cooking.

Working in a restaurant, writing for a magazine, being on television, traveling the world…ever wish your career could include any or all of these experiences? Chefs are lucky to have a diverse range of opportunities. Meet Caitlin, she’s training to be a chef!