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Animal Trainer - Entertainment and Education

Have you ever watched a movie where an animal almost stole the show and think, "How in the world did they get that cat to do that?" This is the job of an animal trainer, someone who trains animals to behave in certain ways. A film director may ask for a dog that has to perform on cue in a movie-the production would hire an animal trainer, who would find a dog and rehearse with the script. Sometimes the trainers even cue the animals during actual performances on film and television. Water shows also use animal trainers to train dolphins, whales, seals, and other marine mammals. Marine mammal trainers use positive reinforcement, which means they reward the desired behavior (like giving sea walruses fish after they stand up and clap.) Behaviors are taught to animals in order to entertain and educate. A trainer must always have the animals' best interests at heart and protect them from potentially negative situations. Often trainers own and/or take care of the animals- feeding, bathing, and exercising them.

Education Required: None, though Bachelor's Degree and experience with animals recommended