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 Tara is making a difference one step at a time as the Program Director of the Lower East Side Ecology Center. Meet Tara here!

Stephanie is a professional blogger whose focus is body image. Meet Stephanie here!

Laura gets to give away money to charities for a living as President of a corporate foundation. Meet Laura here!

Ana works to build and strengthen communities in other countries. Meet Ana here!

Beth helps women start their own businesses. Meet Beth here

Juliette is a teen CEO who runs a website for girls, by girls. Meet Juliette here!

Katrina is a floral designer and entrepreneur who runs her own business. Meet Katrina here! Then, test out your own green thumb and Grow a Garden.

Jennifer is a technology consultant who is hired by businesses to tell them how to run smoothly. Meet Jennifer here!

Sharon is a genealogist who researches family trees. Meet Sharon here! Then, conduct a family interview to discover your own family tree.  

Caitlin is a future diplomat who won the National Geographic Bee.

Tajja is the voice of Cartoon Network’s superhero “Atomic Betty.”

Ary Nunez started practicing martial arts when she was five years old and she hasn’t stopped since. Meet Ary here!

Maria is the Vice President of Innovation and Technology at IBM, which means she is responsible for coming up with new, unique ideas and sometimes even inventions. Meet Maria here!

Meet Liz, who leads a very exciting life as a competitive equestrian AND racecar driver.

In a special edition of the Girls Inc. Online career interview, try this Myth or Fact? quiz to get inspiration from Hannah, a writer and career expert for young women.

Check out Media Moguls, three women at the top of the entertainment industry who are helping our media shape up in ways that are positive for girls and women.

Jihan is a visual diplay artist who picks out clothes all day, but none for herself.

Ellen is a computer problem solver who looks at the big picture.

Anne Victoria designs for the future and teaches the engineers of tomorrow.

Cari loves music and hanging out with musicians, but she's not just a fan; she's a manager.

Duffy is a photographer who shoots everything from star-studded events to remote villages in Africa.

Elizabeth, Natalie, and Andrea are a team at a Hadrian's Wall advertising agency.

Author Liza Palmer describes her career path as "crooked," but all of the twists and turns were well worth it in the end.

Jennifer Lawless is a former political candidate and a Political Science professor at Brown University. Check out her interview to learn how YOU can become more politically active.

Leigh Ann is a high school computer science teacher.

Lauren Weinstein is a comic book artist and graphic novelist.